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Lewisboro NY Parks and Preserves | Lewisboro NY Real Estate

Lewisboro is rich in natural areas and is a component of the biotic corridor. Two Westchester County Parks are on Lewisboro’s borders, and there are 6 town parks and several community preserves.

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation is Westchester County’s largest (4,700 acre) park. In addition to many trails, there are camping facilities and a Trailside Museum. The main entrance is on route 121 in Cross River.

Mountain Lakes Camp is a County park on the northern border of Lewisboro, with beautiful ponds and trails in the forest. The most popular trail leads to Look Out Point which is perched on top of a cliff overlooking Lake Waccabuc,Lake Oscaleta and Lake Rippowam.

Onatru Farm on Elmwood Road is one of Lewisboro’s preëminent parks and includes tennis facilities and playing fields as well as some town offices. This area also includes some walking trails.

The Lewisboro Town Park on Route 35 contains tennis courts, the town pool, ball fields, and outdoor basketball courts. When ice skating is available in winter, a sign is posted. There are also some walking trails in this park that connect to the adjacent Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.

The Leon Levy Preserve was acquired by the town in 2006 as open space. While some trails exist in this 370-acre (1.5 km2) parcel, as of 2008 additional horse and hiking trails are under development and parking is still limited.

The Brownell Preserve is 118 acres (0.48 km2) of forested land given to the town. It has a 2-mile (3.2 km) trail that loops past an overlook of Lake Katonah.

The Old Field Preserve was obtained in 2003, and contains about 100 acres (0.40 km2) of woods, wetlands, and sizable old fields (thus, the name). The meadows will be preserved to support the birds and animals that are dependent upon this increasingly rare habitat.

Fox Valley Park has a variety of sports facilities for the town, including very busy soccer fields, ball fields, and tennis courts.
See Walking Wild Lewisboro for information on park facilities and trail maps.

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Armonk NY Real Estate Report | RobReportBlog | January 2011

Armonk NY real estate was UP 34% in 2010 compared to 2009. Very good news. The Armonk NY median price dropped 6.37% to $955,000. Sellers understand there is a lot of competition to sell and need to price accordingly.


2010 Armonk Sales Numbers

82 sold

3664 average square feet

$4,000,000 high price

$460,000 low price

$955,000 Median price

$337 average price per foot

215 average days on market

92.95% average sold to ask price


2009 Armonk Sales Numbers

61 sold

3906 average square feet

$5,100,000 high price

$425,000 low price

$1,020,000 Median price

$338 average price per foot

190 average days on market

91.56% average sold to ask price


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Governor Cuomo’s NYS Real Estate Tax Facts | Bedford NY Real Estate

Governor Cuomo promises to CAP real estate taxes because he believes they are too high.

Governor Cuomo’s NYS Real Estate Tax Facts:   (  http://tinyurl.com/2ed83fo  )

1.     Property tax levies in New York grew by 73% from 1998-2008, more than twice the rate of inflation during that period.

2.     New York has 2nd highest combined state and local taxes in the nation and the highest local taxes in America as a percentage of personal income, 79% above the national avarage.

3.     The median property taxes paid by New Yorkers are 96% above the national median.

4.     When measured in absolute dollars paid Westchester (1st), Nassau (2nd), and Rockland (5th) counties are among the 5 highest taxed in the nation.

5.     When property taxes are measuredd as a percentage of home values over a 3 year period, the top sixteen counties in the nation are all in upstate New York.

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5 Steps To An Armonk NY New Year’s Resolution | Armonk NY Real Estate

How to Make a New Years Resolution That Works

Do you remember the New Year resolutions you made last year?

If you’re like most people, you made New Year resolutions – but you probably didn’t stick with them all year long.

But New Year resolutions are a good thing – so what’s the secret to making and keeping your New Years resolutions?

1.     Make Resolutions You Can Achieve

Most New Years resolutions can be achieved, but not all of them are realistic.

If you want to feel good about your resolutions, don’t set unrealistic goals. Saying “I resolve to lose 100 pounds this year” if you don’t know how you’re going to achieve your goal is a sure way to fail. Help yourself by only making New Years resolutions you can keep.

2.     Make 2 or 3 Resolutions You Can Keep and 1 You’ll have To Stretch To Keep

By making realistic resolutions that you can keep, you’ll set yourself up to feel good about yourself when you achieve your resolutions.

And by making 1 New Years resolution that you’ll have to really work at to achieve, you’ll challenge yourself to be successful.

3.     Write Down Your New Years Resolutions

Do you really want to make some changes in the New Year? Then you need to put at least a little thought into the changes you’d like to make.

Blurting out a few resolutions at a New Years party may be fun, but you probably won’t take them seriously. But if you take a few moments to think about some realistic changes you’d like to make – you’ll surprise yourself by being successful.

4.     Put Your Written New Years Resolutions Someplace Where You Can Find Them

About a week after New Years, take out your list of resolutions and start planning how you’re going to achieve your goals.

Weight loss, making more money or travel, if your goals are achievable and you actually come up with a plan, your New Years resolutions will become a reality.

5.     Celebrate Your Success

When you achieve one of your New Years resolutions, reward yourself and celebrate. Your friends will be amazed when you say “I just achieved one of my New Years resolutions.

New Years resolutions are a good thing. Improve yourself, make a positive change, do something you’ve always wanted to do. Make the New Year count – you’ll be glad you did.

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Lewisboro Real Estate Prices Rising in 2010 | Lewisboro NY Real Estate | RobReportBlog

Taking a look at the Katonah-Lewisboro school district real estate prices over the last ten years we found median prices were rising until their peak in 2007.  In 2008 and 2009 prices dropped.  In 2010 the median price for a Katonah-Lewisboro school district home rose again.

2000          $502,000

2001          $595,000

2002          $647,500

2003          $675,000

2004          $750,000

2005          $749,500

2006          $790,000

2007          $815,000

2008          $730,000

2009          $617,500

2010          $690,000

Inventory is still high but the median price in Lewisboro shows a good increase in 2010. 

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7 Homes Burglarized in Bedford NY. | Bedford NY Real Estate

BEDFORD NY– Bedford, Pound Ridge, and Westchester County police were on the move today on the ground and overhead.

They were racing from one house alarm to another on Tuesday. Burglars in broad daylight robbed seven Bedford homes all in the same general

area.  The thieves ransacked the homes, bypassed Christmas presents, and got away with jewelry, electronics and video game systems.

Particularly disturbing for authorities is the number of people who called police today saying they saw something suspicious on Tuesday.

“They were observed in several different areas. The same vehicle description, the same persons description. It would have been helpful to get that

information right away,” Lt. Jeff Dickan said.

Full ABC Story

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Blizzard in Bedford NY | Bedford NY Real Estate

Bedford NY Snow Storm today!!


Wish You A Merry Christmas

When a person wishes you “Merry Christmas” they are implying several things. First, the “Merry” part is a wish that you will find the season, more specifically the occasion, as cheerful, hopeful and joyous. Agreeable or pleasant are applicable too, with joyful probably being the single closest definition. 

The occasion to be joyful about is Christmas. The word Christmas is derived from “Christ’s Mass” which has its roots in the Middle English “Christemasse” and the Old English “Cristes mæsse.” 

Christ, of course, refers to Jesus Christ. The “mass” in this case comes from the English meaning and tradition of a religious feast in honor of a specific person. Christmas Day is the feast day of Christ. Christmas also means the larger season around Christmas Day or the 12 days of Christmastide. 

Christmas day, December 25th, is the celebration of Jesus’ birth. The announcement of the Angel to the Shepherds in the Gospel of Luke clarifies the sentiment behind “Merry Christmas“: “…the angel said to the Jews, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Messiah the Master.”


Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_does_Merry_Christmas_mean#ixzz192I697Wq


Robert Paul

US Commerce Dept Reports November New Sales – Inventory At 40 Year Low | Bedford Corners Real Estate

New single-family home sales rose in November but to a lower- than- expected rate , a government report showed on Thursday, highlighting the weakness in the housing market even as the broader economic recovery gains momentum. 

The Commerce Department said sales increased 5.5 percent to a seasonally adjusted 290,000 unit annual rate after a downwardly revised 275,000 unit pace in October.


Analysts polled by Reuters had forecast new home sales rising to a 300,000 unit pace in November from a previously reported 283,000 unit rate. Compared to November last year, sales were down 21.2 percent.


Housing remains mired in weakness against the backdrop of a 9.8 percent unemployment rate and high foreclosures. Data on Wednesday showed sales of previously owned homes rose last month but remained at depressed levels.


At November’s home sales pace, the supply of new homes on the market fell to 8.2 months’ worth from 8.8 months’ worth in October. There were 197,000 new homes available for sale in November, the lowest since March 1968.


The median sales price for a new home increased 8.0 percent last month from October to $213,000. Compared with November last year, the median price fell 2.7 percent.

Reuters Article

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Jude Law And Sienna Miller Buy $12 Million London Townhouse | Luxury Real Estate

Jude Law and Sienna Miller have plunked down $12,298,650 for a London townhouse, and perhaps a modicum of relationship stability following a relatively tumultous period. British actors Law and Miller met during the filming of Alfie in 2003, but split up in 2005 after Law began an affair with the nanny of his three children with former wife Sadie Frost. They each had their flings (Law had a fourth child with New Zealand model Samantha Burke), but eventually rekindled their romance. 

Though not married, the couple’s new 5,092-square-foot home certainly represents something of a commitment. With four floors and a finished basement, the Georgian-style home has 7 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. A small walled and gated courtyard leads into a grand reception hall that befits the home’s history, which dates back to 1820. Click to the jump for house photos. 


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