What We Will Need to Get Started

In the listing and selling of your home, please provide the following items. These are available from your Closing Documents (when you purchased your current home):

  • Note/Deed of Trust (for proper title/legal)
  • Prepayment/Current Mortgage info, Lender Name, Address
  • Loan number/payoff, and the survey
  • Current property tax information
  • Utility information: gas, electric, water (average bills/providers)
  • Alarm System information (code/location of pads/contract) Leased/Owned?
  • Telephone numbers, pagers, and voice mail where you can be reached
  • Key to your home
  • Any floor plan, blueprints you may have from purchase
  • A list of any items that do not remain with the property;i.e. any special window coverings, light fixtures, fire equipment, etc.
  • Copies of all home inspections and reports for prospective buyers
  • Your comments/thoughts on why you originally decided to buy this particular home. What will you miss the most about your home? What are its best features?


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