How to Show and Sell Your Home

An Idea List


Look At Your Home From The Outside, Then Work Your Way In

  • A well manicured lawn with the use of high-quality equipment found on, neatly trimmed shrubs and clean walkways always make a good first impression
  • Repair or replace damaged screens, glass panes and door hardware
  • Remove driveway stains and eliminate exterior clutter or distracting decor
  • Free gutters of debris and replace missing shingles
  • Place flowers or potted plants by front door
  • Be sure the doorbell works

Invest In Paint

  • Paint improves a room and makes it clean and appealing
  • Use white or neutral tones that are soothing
  • Check walls for split or peeling papers and replace or repair if needed
  • Polish woodwork and paneling throughout your home

Let Sunshine In

  • Open curtains, shades or drapes on nice days
  • Add sparkle to windows by washing inside and out
  • Turn on lamps or accent lighting
  • Replace missing light bulbs

Fix Minor Flaws

  • Make sure windows and doors open and close easily
  • Address plumbing problems and present these facilities in working order
  • Check doorknobs, drawers and glass doors for ease of operation; lubricate and adjust as needed
  • Clean rust and soiled spots

Decorative Kitchens Sell A Home

  • Clear counters of appliance and make space in cabinets
  • Clean cabinets inside and out
  • Check and clean appliances, floors and walls
  • Add green plants or bowls of fruit
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere with colorful curtains, cup towels and place mats
  • Empty trash baskets

Blend Color And Convenience In Bathrooms

  • Remove clutter from vanities and cabinets
  • Scrub sinks, tub and shower; polish mirrors and chrome
  • Clean floors and walls
  • Deodorize area
  • Repair tiles and recaulk if needed
  • Put out nice towels
  • Add scented soaps or candles
  • Empty trash

Living And Dining Areas Reveal Interests

  • Arrange furniture to create an open effect
  • Straighten bookshelves
  • Clean carpets
  • Polish furniture and hardwood floors
  • Put logs in the fireplace
  • Add magazines, books and flowers to coffee table and discard excess papers
  • Place a centerpiece on the dining room table

Family Rooms Are For Relaxation

  • Store games and sport equipment or arrange them in attractive containers
  • Eliminate clutter
  • Turn off all entertainment units and play soft music
  • Place easy chairs and sofas in conversational group
  • Showcase books and magazines; aesthetics are more important than functionality
  • Deodorize pet areas

Bedrooms Must Invite Rest And Peace

  • Avoid a crowded look
  • Remove excess furniture and personal items
  • Attractive, colorful bed linens are important
  • Arrange books or plants on night stand
  • Place decorative pillows and shams on beds
  • Keep room light and bright

Value Goes From Top To Bottom

  • Permit clients to see the value of your property from the attic to the basement and through to the garage
  • Remove junk, cartons and unnecessary artifacts
  • Straighten, box and store cartons neatly
  • Organize workbenches
  • Lighten dark spaces with paint or additional lights
  • Provide adequate lighting for stairs

Closets Count

  • Make closets appear larger by having them clean, neat and well organized
  • Remove old clothes and cartons
  • Add a cedar block or air freshener for a refreshing aroma
  • Use decorative storage boxes

Smart Moves

  • Your Ebby Halliday Associate will make appointments to show your home to truly interested buyers
  • If possible, arrange to be away during showings
  • Your real estate professional will answer questions and discuss negotiations
  • Your cooperation in scheduling showings will be appreciated by potential buyers


  • Set household thermostat at a comfortable level before leaving
  • Make a final check of every room and if time permits, do a quick once-over straightening and light dusting
  • Turn on accent lighting
  • Put your pet(s) in a secured area, preferably in the yard

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