Survey shows most brokers don’t fear Zillow, Trulia and, but they get most leads elsewhere | South Salem Real Estate

A survey of real estate brokers’ attitudes toward national listing portals like Zillow, Trulia and shows that while most don’t feel threatend by them, they’re not depending all that heavily on them for new business, either.

The survey, by Bellevue, Wash.-based Imprev Inc., a provider of integrated marketing tools, also found that while brokers are generally satisfied with the quality of “leads” they get from national sites, they’re less thrilled with the job their agents do following up on them.

The bottom line was that brokers still see traditional methods of drumming up business like open houses, yard signs, walk-in business and getting in touch with past clients as a better value than national portals.

The online survey of more than 260 brokers and franchise executives, conducted in October,  found that among the top three national listing portals — Zillow, Trulia and — was seen in the most positive light.

That’s perhaps not surprising, given the site’s formal ties to the National Association of Realtors. Zillow, Trulia and other property search portals not operated by a real estate broker are often referred to by industry insiders as “third-party” websites.

While 24 percent of those surveyed had a “negative” (8 percent) or “somewhat negative” (16 percent) view of in terms of how the site impacts or could impact their business, Zillow and Trulia tallied higher “fear factor” scores.




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