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When Craigslist got rid of enhanced listings in November, many real estate agents were forced to pull back on one of their main marketing channels.

The online classifieds giant prevented agents and other advertisers from including links in their Craigslist ads, and forced them to revert to plain text and fixed photos.

Now, real estate marketing software firm Imprev Inc. has come up with a workaround for agents who lost the ability to post full display ads on Craigslist when the classifieds giant changed its site specifications.

Through a new Craigslist display ad format available via Imprev’s marketing platform, agents will once again be able to create full display ads, complete with their contact information, brokerage logo, custom text, property images, and personal or team photos.

Per Craiglist’s rules, the ads will still not contain hyperlinks, but agents will be able to lay out full display ads easily, without having to use a cumbersome desktop software program, Imprev spokesman Kevin Hawkins told Inman News.

“Real estate agents were left hanging when Craigslist effectively pulled the plug on display ads,” said Renwick Congdon, CEO of Imprev, in a statement.

“Agents that use the Imprev platform can once again create engaging, high-quality display ads for Craigslist.”

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