Mapping the 20 Most Expensive Sales of 2013 | Pound Ridge NY Real Estate


While 2013 was undoubtedly a huge year for New York City real estate, with prices climbing rapidly, luxury towers springing out of the ground, and a plethora of blockbuster deals, that’s not necessarily indicated in this map of the Biggest Sales of the Year. That’s mainly because, despite the excess of record-breaking megadeals, at One57, 432 Park Avenue, Walker Tower, 10 Madison Square West, etc. almost none of them have actually closed yet. All that means, though, is that next year’s map is going to be crazy, so let’s all agree to meet back here in one year’s time and if we’re all still single, get married look at a map of hugely expensive apartments.

And don’t worry, because there were still a whole bunch of fancy, pricey apartments that were sold this year, from Rosario Candela-designed apartments on Central Park, to West Village townhouses, to other Rosario Candela-designed apartments on Central Park.

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