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O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! The Jabberwock is, er, Facebook video ads are  here! Our news feeds will now be inundated with autoplay video ads. Yippee?  Well, it’s a big step forward for the world’s largest social network to say the  least. They’ve been working on video ads for what seems like years and now we  can all get them in news feeds. Don’t go overreacting (I’m just joking around)  there will be no more than three ads per day.

In terms of frequency, that is 90 ads per month per viewer. If there  are 600 million users and say 50% are in markets where the ads debut it comes  out to a massive 27 billion video ads a month. Ker-Pow! At the low  end of the price spectrum rumors of $1-2.5M per ad, that’s $27 billion in  revenue, per month, on the low end.

All That is Wrong with Video Ads – Auto-Play and Muted – But Wait!

I swear Facebook looked at the video advertising industry  as a whole and took the worst practices they could find to make their video ad  strategy. Get this, the videos will auto-play and the sound will be muted until  a user interacts with the ad. Next I think they will introduce video ads in the  side bar that play all the way through without ever showing up in the browser  viewable area.

Alright, maybe not. At least the video ads won’t take over your entire screen  as they won’t go full screen unless they are clicked or tapped. The videos will  only start to play when they show on screen, not when off screen as I just said  in jest. If you don’t like the video, just go past it and it will disappear. At  least they’re not keeping them on screen through the duration of the video  forcing us to watch.

Ace Metrix has been tapped to determine if a video ad is crap or not. If they  deem it worthy, as in, will people like it, then it will make it into the system  for display to users. If you don’t know Ace Metrix, they are the group that  rates success and perception of Super Bowl ads and pretty much every other TV ad  that airs. In other words, they know what they’re talking about.

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