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Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been on an impressive upward trajectory. The site announced last month that over over 5 billion photos have been shared. Its number of daily mobile users has jumped to 7.3 million, surpassing Twitter’s 6.9 million, according to data from comScore.

instagram logo 150x150 How to Use Instagram Without Being Obnoxious or Dull [Video]

New York filmmaker Casey Neistat is pretty opinionated about social networks and how they should be used. His favorite social media platform is Instagram, but his message to many of its users is that they’re doing it wrong. The video below is his humorous guide to using Instagram and what users should and shouldn’t do.

“If Facebook is Lucky Charms, Instagram is just the marshmallows.”

Neistat argues that Instagram isn’t about the photos, but about sharing. Sharing enables millions of people to gaze into the lives of others and imagine experiencing what they did. Most of the points he makes about why the service is so great are right on, especially about the the storytelling aspect: Mold your feed into a story and give it personality.

As examples, Neistat points to the Instagram accounts of singer Justin Bieber and rapper Rick Ross. He likes both artists, but he says Ross is the one who’s doing it right — he regularly posts photos showing a lifestyle that you don’t usually see. Bieber’s stream, on the other hand, is filled with photos of his face.

Neistat’s other helpful suggestions: Don’t overuse hashtags, don’t bleed the feed, easy with the tilt shift, and make sure your crop works.

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