Bedford Hills Real Estate | Bedford Police Issue Warning Against Western Union Scams – Bedford-Katonah, NY Patch

Bedford police are cautioning residents about a recent rash of telephone scams in the area.

What typically happens, according to police, is a resident will receive a call from someone who claims to be a relative of the victim, usually a grandchild, said Lt. Jeffrey Dickan. 

The caller then describes a situation where money is needed—for example, to cover damage to a car or to get bail for a drunk driving charge. In some cases, the callers have claimed to kidnap a relative of the victim, and asked for a ransom.

Then the requests the resident to send money via Western Union.

If locals receive these types of calls, police warn, they should phone the supposed relative that the perpetrator claims to be. In some cases, residents have sent the money—which has been picked up in a foreign country—and this intereres with police further investigating the matter.

“If anyone receives a call like those described, locals should first contact the relative, then contact the police,” said Dickan in a press statement. “We will assist you in contacting [the relative].”

Dickan cautioned that the caller has in some instances put someone else on the line, who might claim to be a police officer. “Gather as much information as possible before sending any money,” he said.

The police can be reached at (914) 241-3111 for any questions.



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