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Graffiti taggers continue to plague the Bedford police department. They’re searching for perpetrators who have defaced traffic signs, buildings and even stone pillars in the town of Bedford causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Over 40 signs have had to be cleaned or replaced, according to Bedford’s highway commissioner, Kevin Winn, to the tune of about $10,000 in labor and supplies.

Bedford Supervisor Lee V.A. Roberts said that it was not a good use of town resources. “It’s time consuming for our officers and highway workers and it’s reprehensible. If people have artistic creativity, there are better ways to express themselves,” she told Patch. “We all have to be vigilant and report what we see.”

Last weekend, defaced traffic signs were discovered on Succabone Road, said Lt. Jeffrey Dickan, the latest in a string of graffiti incidents where taggers spray paint the letters “SMET.” The letters can signify a group or personal signature, he said.

There have been about 20 such incidents since March. Over 15 signs in at least six locations in Bedford and its three hamlets were damaged in April in one weekend alone.

Though three teens were recently arrested for spray painting graffiti in Katonah, they do not appear to be the “SMET” taggers. “We’re actively investigating these incidents,” said Dickan. “We’d really like to catch them [the taggers] and our patrol officers are out there talking to community members.”

Anyone with information related to the incidents is encouraged to call 241-3111.



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