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Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino vetoed the 2011 budget sent to his desk by the Board of Legislators, citing reservations dealing with its revenues and spending. A total of 247 lines were struck out.

“The combination of phony revenues, wasteful spending, unfunded liabilities, illegal actions and rejection of generally accepted accounting principles jeopardizes our AAA credit ratings,” Astorino said of the $1.79 billion budget in a press announcement about his decision.

Legislators passed their budget on Friday. It calls for a two-percent tax decrease but with fewer reductions in social services than called for by Astorino, who proposed a series of cuts in November, as part of a budget version that calls for a one-percent tax decrease.

Despite the legislators’ 16-1 vote in favor of the budget, Astorino, a Republican, accused the board’s Democrats of not giving enough time for his administration or legislators in his party to scrutinize the proposal.

The legislators’ approved budget has been defended by Democrats for its treatment of taxes and services.

In an appearance before the New Castle Town Board Tuesday, County Legislator Mike Kaplowitz gave an update on the proposed budget, which he defended as something that “continues to provide essential services,” and listed what is covered.

Majority Leader Peter Harckham, whose district includes Mount Kisco and Bedford, had similar comments when the budget was passed.

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