‘Prima Luce’ and its Two-Story Playhouse Want $23.5M | Bedford NY Real Estate


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Location: Montecito, Calif.
Price: $23,500,000
The Skinny: Built from hand-chiseled sandstone quarried from the two-acre estate on which it stands, Prima Luce is a beautiful example of a modern luxury home that successfully (and tastefully) echoes golden age Mediterranean-style California architecture. Built in 2001 from a design by Robert Webb, this 11,440-square-foot Tuscan villa is wonderfully laid out, from the pleasing symmetry of the manse to the expansive grounds that feature a mix of formal gardens, ponds, and even a “Kid’s World” with a two-story, 310-square-foot playhouse built in the same style as the main house. The inside of the home is also top-drawer, with travertine marble, distressed wood floors, and tremendous ocean and valley views, complemented by interiors by Los Angeles designer Mark Weaver, and decorative paintings by Elisa Stancil Studios of San Francisco. Rounding out Prima Luce’s literal embarrassment of riches is a swimming pool and cabana, a guest house, and a seven-hole putting green. It’s asking $23.5M.



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