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Dear Neighbors,


One of my key strategies for North Castle has always been to improve the appearance of our Town while reducing cost. That is why I am pleased to announce our green initiative this week that reflects this two-part philosophy. I would also like to draw your attention to a very special memorial service.



North Castle has begun its 2014 budget development. I have been meeting with the Town Administrator, Comptroller and the various Department Heads to review their plans.  During these meetings we will be drilling down and developing budget plans for each department and for the Town overall. I am encouraged by the numbers thus far and want to thank all the department heads for their hard work. I am confident that in the coming weeks we will once again deliver a budget that provides necessary services at the lowest cost to the taxpayers.  My goal, simply put, is to restore North Castle’s reputation as the low tax town in Westchester County. The tentative budget is due onOctober 30, 2013.


If we want North Castle to stay a beautiful town, we have to nurture our environment and keep giving back to it. In this spirit, for the second year in a row, North Castle has taken advantage of the New York Power Authority’s Fall Tree Power program. This program enables us to purchase trees at a substantial savings. When you purchase one tree at the discounted price, you receive the second one free. This year we will be receiving 10 Colorado Spruces, 10 Flowering Pears for a total of 40 new trees. Importantly, we will be planting these trees in all three hamlets of North Castle, not just Armonk. Thanks very much to the members of our Beautification Committee and the Green Acres Garden Club for all their hard work. Special thanks to our Parks employees for planting our new trees.



If your children play soccer in North Castle, you know the name Michael Jones. Mike Jones, better known as “Jonesy” was one of our community’s most beloved soccer coaches and he was tragically murdered on October 7th, one year ago. The soccer families I have spoken to have told me that Mike, who came here from Liverpool, did much more than teach soccer skills to our kids. With his ever jovial personality, he created a special connection with each and every child. He was a spirit-lifter, self-esteem builder, parent supporter and incredibly loyal friend. Over the years, he lived with several Armonk residents on his tours here and became part of their families. On October 14TH, at 11:00 am, on the IBM Track Field  there will be a dedication of a memorial to this special young man to help insure that he is never forgotten. Please contact rememberjonesy@gmail.com for more information or make a donation at www.mikejonesmemorialfund.com.





Supervisor Howard Arden

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