The 13 Most Haunted Buildings in New York City | Armonk NY Homes


New York has been called the most haunted city in the world, and with good reason. Every single street is steeped in history, and in the four-hundred-plus years of cycles of expansion, construction, destruction, and rejuvenation, you’re bound to hear more than a few legends and tales of the otherwordly. So, in the spirit of Halloween, we’re proud to present this map of the most haunted buildings in town, from the southernmost tip of Staten Island, all the way up to the hills of Washington Heights. We’ve got ethereal authors, pesky poltergeists, creepy colonials, phantom flappers, and even a mysterious mayor or two. And hey, if a skeptic you remain, a lot of these locales are open to the public, so by all means, check them out yourself if you think you ain’t afraid of no ghost. You might just learn something too!

Special thanks to The Bowery Boys and Forgotten NY.

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