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A lot of companies are started out of frustration, trying to solve a problem that their founders don’t see an available solution for, says Onvedeo founder and CEO Boubou Guiro.

Guiro says that was certainly the case for him. As a would-be homebuyer, the time he squandered visiting properties that weren’t always as they were depicted online convinced him that the solution was a video marketing platformm scalable so that it was affordable enough for every broker and agent to employ on all their listings.

Now he’s passing along the insight he’s gained building the company. He advises his fellow entrepreneurs to keep testing their product, and evolving it based on customer feedback.

“I truly believe the product is going to be the best marketing and the best sales tool you’re going to get,” he says. “If people love your product, you don’t really need to do much after that, besides just making them aware of it.”



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