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Dear Neighbors,

We write to announce another significant step in our effort to transform Brynwood Golf & Country Club into a world-class club and residential community.

As you know, over the last year Brynwood has undergone a comprehensive environmental impact study as required by the State Environmental Quality Review Act (“SEQR”). Brynwood’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (“DEIS”) has been reviewed and commented on by the Town of North Castle and its independent experts, citizen groups, and residents. In the coming days, we will submit a Final Environmental Impact Statement (“FEIS”) to the Town Board for consideration of acceptance.

We are reaching a critical juncture in the SEQRA review process. The Town Board is required to ensure that the FEIS adequately and accurately reflects the Town’s positions regarding the proposed project, and its potential impacts. The acceptance of the FEIS will be followed by the adoption by the Town Board of its written findings and determinations under SEQRA.  This will conclude the SEQRA process.

With this in mind, we have once again taken a very hard and critical look at our proposal to see how we can best address the concerns most recently expressed in the oral and written comments on the DEIS. We have listened carefully, and as a direct result of these comments, we have offered the following additional mitigation measures to the Town:

  • Any building permit for condominium units beyond 49 will be conditioned upon Brynwood substantially completing the renovations to the golf course and clubhouse – this further ensures the projected property taxes generated by these components are realized.
  • Brynwood will guarantee the Town $500,000 per year in property taxes on the golf course and clubhouse for ten years after they are renovated.
  • Brynwood will contribute $1 million to Water District No. 2 (which serves Windmill Farm) toward the district’s project to rebuild the community’s pipe system. Brynwood will also buy in to Water District No. 2, and its annual use fees from the residences and clubhouse will be added to the district’s revenue, which will save Windmill homeowners approximately $3 million over 25 years.
  • Brynwood will permanently, via a conservation easement, limit the future use of the property to either golf course or open space.
  • Brynwood will maintain all private roads, sewage, snow plowing, ground maintenance and garbage removal at no cost to the Town.
  • Brynwood will withdraw a pending tax certiorari in the amount of approximately $1 million.
  • Brynwood will contribute $150,000 to the Town for a right turn lane on Tripp Lane for cars exiting Byram Hills High School; contribute $250,000 to the Town for the construction of a new bike path; and contribute $25,000 to help fund the relocation of the historic Miller House (Washington’s Headquarters in North White Plains).
  • As stated in the DEIS, Brynwood will implement “green” best practices for the golf course and overall club environment.
  • Brynwood will set back all new structures on the property at least 100 feet in a landscaped buffer from the perimeter property line to reduce visual impact to neighbors.

Over the last several years, we have worked diligently and in good faith to develop a plan for Brynwood that balances the club’s objectives with those of the community. We believe this is a conscientious and responsive proposal for a project that will undoubtedly have a long lasting positive effect to the Town, surrounding homeowners, and our members. Together we are creating something of high quality that we can all be proud of being part of for many years to come.

As noted above, we expect to submit the FEIS to the Town shortly, and it will reflect our new proposal.

Your continued support is greatly needed and much appreciated as we work together in realizing Brynwood’s amazing potential.


Brynwood Partners

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