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Case Study- Advanced Content Marketing

Content is a two syllable word that has become an online marketing strategy.  Its impact has far reaching effects that belies its verbal simplicity. It  influences search engine results, drives online engagement and can create brand  awareness at velocity when it goes viral.

With Google’s recent updates, the role of content has increased in priority.  The search giant is now rewarding sites with higher rankings that offer unique  content that delivers a quality user experience.

This means that progressive brands need to become publishers and not just  advertisers. Advanced content marketing is a human and creative art form with  soul enabled by technology and process driven. It is multi-media content at  scale that leverages a brand’s reach that is efficient and amplified.

Is corporate media getting better than mainstream media?

In a recent article on the Hubspot blog, Dan Lyon poses an intriguing question.

Is corporate media getting  better  than mainstream  media?”

He then cites examples of Microsoft, General Electric and Google who are  using both technology and their great content archives to “out publish” existing  traditional media companies.

I think that in some cases he may be right.

Today’s companies do have the technology and platforms to go it alone. They  often have the marketing CRM’s, databases, access to vast libraries of content  and the technology to make a traditional newspaper brand look bland.

Marketing and publishing has been democratized

Technology changes have put the power in the users hands. Companies don’t  need to understand how to use a printing press.

  • Want to publish. Launch a blog
  • Need to design and create an online magazine. Hire a designer, assign an  editor and writer and create your brand magazine using Photoshop.
  • Have the impulse to shoot a video. Buy a $1,000 video camera, create a video  and upload it to YouTube
  • Feel the motivation to market. Amplify your content to your Facebook and  Twitter fans and followers

Should some advertising dollars be moved to publishing?

Companies such as Red Bull are moving their spending from advertising to  publishing. They are also about creating “conversations around the  brand” not “about” the brand. This means creating content that has  heart and soul of the brand embedded but not mentioned.

No-one wants to talk about the drink but the lifestyle that revolves around  the brand image.

Advanced content marketing case study:  Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is an “activewear” label for women that has been around for over  20 years. The brand is about fitness and fashion for women. They have embraced  the the strategy of advanced content marketing.

Their aim “to inspire women to live their best life through active  living”. Their mantra and mission is based upon a three pillared philosophy  of:

  • Move
  • Nourish
  • Believe

Lorna Jane is not simply a clothing label, it is a way of life”. They are about fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Lorna Jane’s marketing is not about talking about its product but being a  publisher. The heart and soul is about creating conversations around the  brand.

Jessie Dean, the Digital Marketing Manager at Lorna Jane has a team that  includes:

  • Social media specialist
  • Social media coordinator
  • Editor of “Move Nourish Believe”

They have also created a separate and secondary brand that is about the  lifestyle and mission that is core to the Lorna Jane message.





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