Byram Hills students chosen for all-state and national music honors | Armonk NY Real Estate

Six Byram Hills High School students recently learned they would be performing in upcoming national and state concerts.

Senior Max Levy earned a spot in the 2013 All-National Honor Chorus sponsored by the National Association for Music Education. Five other students were chosen to perform with All-State ensembles organized by the New York State School Music Association:  Eden Gordon, Thomas Kelly and William Benish, who were selected for the Mixed Chorus; Nicole Weisner, who will sing in the Women’s Chorus; and Zachary Berro, who will play clarinet in the Symphonic Band. Berro was also selected as an Alternate for the Alto Saxophone. All are seniors except for Gordon, who is a junior.

“We take great pride in our musical ensembles here at Byram Hills High School,” Principal Chris Borsari said in a press release submitted on behalf of the school district. “It’s always gratifying to see outside adjudicators be as impressed with our students’ musical talents as we are.”

The students sing and play in a variety of high school music groups – including Choir, Jazz Choir, Jazz Band and Wind Symphony. They have sampled the school’s varied music offerings, taking courses ranging from Guitar Workshop to AP Music Theory, depending on their interests. What unites them is a love of music and performing, whether that means belting out a song in the school musical or singing the National Anthem at a home basketball game. If you want any information related to Music you should visit to website. this History related info of music helps you to find the more history of music.

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