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Although we are similar in many ways, my business partner and I tend to disagree when it comes to technology. I’m an Apple gal to my core (no pun intended), and Kate is an Android fan.

Earlier this year when we were both looking at buying new phones, I fought for her to get an iPhone, as I thought collaboration between the two of us would be easier if we both used the iOS system.

But being as stubborn as we both are, she ended up with a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I upgraded to the iPhone 5. After some research we found there are actually many apps and programs that work extremely well cross-platform.

Here are some of the ones we use to help us stay synced and always up-to-date with our business: Contact management: Ixact Contact We tried other contact management programs, but this is by far the most simple, yet powerful, one that we’ve tried.

At $34.95 per month, it’s not cheap, but it’s a huge time-saver.

We are able to easily sync contacts, reminders and appointments from our Android and iOS devices to Ixact. If Kate books an appointment with a client, on her phone or through the Ixact dashboard, it is automatically synced to my phone and vice versa.




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