Townhouse on One of NY’s Most Exclusive Gardens | Pound Ridge Real Estate

The 95-year-old Jones Wood Garden, located between Lexington and Third Avenues and 65th and 66th Streets, is accessible only via one of the 12 townhouses that surround it, and now one of those townhouses is for sale, asking $12.3 million. Forget Gramercy Park (that place is on Google Maps, for crying out loud)—this is the real super-exclusive stuff. So what if it’s mostly paved and looks a little dreary in the sole photograph?* Only 12 keys! Plus, there’s a fountain. And it was named after the family of Edith Wharton, who had previous owned the land. The townhouse itself isn’t too shabby, either.

* In an old Streetscapes from 1997, Christopher Gray writes that when the garden was first designed, “The Times said the garden foliage ‘will look best in winter.'” Hmm.


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