The Ten Most Insanely Expensive Houses in the Hamptons | Bedford Corners NY Homes

squabble%20lane.jpg [Squabble Lane can be yours for a mere $45.5M]

Ah, the Hamptons, where a crummy teardown shack can cost you $8 million. None of the houses on our list are crummy teardown shacks, but some of them are definitely overpriced. $75 million for non-oceanfront property? Good luck with that. $65 million for six acres in North Haven? Sorry, not even if the seller (a Mr. Richard Gere) personally massages our feet every night for a year. Cody House, the most expensive property on the list, is also available at a money-saving $50 million with fewer acres. We left the $48 million Wooldon Manor off the list as it is currently in contract, proof that if you don’t ridiculously overprice your property, you can sell it quickly.




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