The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home | Cross River Homes


You’re looking for a house and see the perfect listing. It has a big number on it. For simplicity’s sake, say $200,000. If you’re like most prospective homeowners, you think you will soon be talking to a lender and getting a loan for this amount.

But as veteran homebuyers already know, you are going to pay much more than $200,000.

True, almost everything we buy has a hidden cost. You buy a toothbrush for a couple bucks, and since you’ll have to purchase toothpaste, the ownership cost of a toothbrush is more than $2 — especially if you throw in a toothbrush holder. Obviously, the hidden costs of buying a house are far more complex. And if you aren’t prepared for them, you may come away from the experience feeling as if you’ve been kicked in the teeth.

So if you’re thinking of buying your first house, be on the alert for these hidden costs.

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