Show that cold spell who’s boss with robes, blankets, freestanding fireplaces and more warming comforts of home | Cross River Homes

The days are getting longer (thanks, solstice!), but winter isn’t relinquishing its chill anytime soon. Stave off the cold with a cuddly robe or throw blanket, a warm fire or a tummy-warming treat. Whatever keeps you warm, you’ll find it here on Houzz.

Never compromise. This floating console can be anything you need it to be, from sideboard to media console to extra bedroom storage. All that and a fireplace too? Yes, it aims to please. Made to order.

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The rustic charm of a flickering fire is re-created with this clever, hand-crafted resin log sculpture. Set it right in the fireplace for a no-fuss alternative to lighting a fire. Holds 11 tea lights (included).

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The Sevilla ethanol contemporary tabletop fireplace creates extraordinary ambience in any setting, with its square steel base and four tempered-glass panes. It’s ideal for a table, bar or countertop, either indoors or out.

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Serpa’s modern ethanol fireplace is easily movable, due to its light weight and compact design. The rectangular, powder-coated-steel piece is recessed on top to accommodate decorative rocks, stones, marbles or shells.

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