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Video seems to be one of the most difficult mediums for real estate pros to master. While it’s probably also the most effective way to present unique, high-quality content online, the technological barriers and time constraints required to regularly shoot and edit video have always stopped busy real estate pros from taking up the task in earnest.

The value of video to a real estate company or agent with an online brand should be clear

This may be the one format where an individual in a single location is actually more powerful than a national or global company. A portal website with millions of dollars in investor backing can always create bigger websites, more complex graphs, and more in-depth statistical analysis of a neighborhood’s real estate market. “Big data” is clearly the realm of the big portals. What their servers, programmers and salespeople can’t do is walk through your neighborhood, highlight the most important places and sights in your community, and effectively speak to the importance of those locations to local homeowners. A single agent can shoot a video explaining the significance of a new farmers market to traffic and parking in a certain development, and why one neighborhood’s school board seems to be favoring Montessori education while another is trending toward Waldorf. Big data can’t do that.

Recent technology upgrades have made the process of creating quality real estate videos much simpler for busy professionals. While there are certainly instances where a professional video shoot with high-end equipment and editing is appropriate, there are also many instances where a quick, good-quality video will suffice to get informational content out to potential clients on the Web. Since virtually every agent today uses a smartphone, it becomes an easily accessible tool to save time creating quick videos of neighborhoods, tips and educations for clients, testimonials and listings, where appropriate. Video on smartphones has been upgraded radically in the past two years.  Shooting HD video is available on nearly every new smartphone available.

Drawbacks to smartphone videos

The most obvious is the stabilization of the video. A user’s shaky hand is very easy to pick up on a smartphone video. There have been some big advancements in this arena, however, and to effectively shoot stable videos, one of the newest smartphones is necessary. The iPhone 5 has significant stabilization software onboard, which reduces much of the shakiness. The newest Android and Windows phones have developed similar software.

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Shooting quality real estate video on the go with your smartphone | Inman News.

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