Once $95M, 15 CPW Combo Now Asking a Paltry $70M | Bedford Corners Real Estate


The tale of combination unit #35AB—the massive, 6,000-square-foot apartment owned by steel tycoon Leroy Schecter—at 15 Central Park West is well-documented, but it just got a little more interesting, now that its back on the market asking $70 million.

Schecter bought units A and B at 15 CPW for $18.9 million a few years back, renting out one of them to A-Rod before allowing unit A to assimilate all in its path like the terrifying, insatiable Borg, against which resistance is futile.

In August 2012, the combined Borg-unit hit the market asking an insane $95 million, where it remained unsold for almost a year, until last April, when its price decreased by $10 million. Now, after switching brokerages, its ask has been chopped yet again, settling at its current “still-absurd-but-slightly-less-insane-because-that-is-somehow-normal-in-New-York-these-days” $70 million.

Its been a rollercoaster ride, but will that $25 million pricechop be enough to sell this place? · Listing: 15 Central Park West #35AB [Brown Harris Stevens] · Leroy Schecter coverage [Curbed] · 15 Central Park West coverage [Curbed]

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