New Metro-North Schedule To Cut Commute Time To Grand Central | Bedford Hills Real Estate


New Metro-North schedules that will take effect on Sunday, May 11 will cut commute times into Grand Central Terminal on the Hudson, New Haven and Harlem lines.

Metro-North said the new schedule will offer shorter commute times for 96 percent of weekday peak commuters in the morning compared to the schedules that have been in effect since November.

The new travel times also take into account the new safety measures and speed restrictions that have been put into place.

“Our first goal, now and always, is to provide a safe service,” Metro-North President Joseph Giulietti said in a statement. “This train schedule supports our ongoing efforts to serve our customers while providing our maintenance forces the time they need to inspect, maintain and repair the system.”

The schedule allows for ongoing, infrastructure repair and maintenance in the midday off-peak and at nights and on weekends.



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