Menachem Stark did not leave a will | Cross River Real Estate


Brooklyn developer Menachem Stark, whose slaying has yet to yield an arrest, did not have a will, according to court records. His widow Bashie Stark was appointed yesterday as administrator of the estate, which will be required to list all of Stark’s assets in bankruptcy court as well as surrogate’s court. Bashie’s seven children have been named as beneficiaries.

“The assets of the estate are unknown,” Seth Rubenstein, a lawyer for the widow, said. “The administrator must appear in a bankruptcy proceeding whose resolution may or may not bring assets into the estate.”

The 39-year-old developer’s body was found in a Long Island dumpster in January. Stark owed several million dollars to multiple creditors and was the defendant in several lawsuits. Investigators said earlier this week they are closing in on a suspect in the killing.

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