Joy of Joys, Another Versailles Knock-Off Hits the Market | Chappaqua Real Estate

Southern California may very well be the land rich in ugly faux châteaux, but sometimes a wonder of gold patina, green marble, and redundant crystal pops up elsewhere on this continent. Indeed, most of North America’s Versailles knock-offs—whether it’s ill-fated, 90,000-square-foot behemoths in Florida or $30M mansions in Kentucky—are found outside the bloated McMansion hotspots. On the market in the Toronto area is this gold-plated Château de Versailles, with six bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 24,000 square feet, and more frescoes, chandeliers, and sculpted busts than anyone can handle. Though, to be completely honest, that pool is ridiculously cool. The ask? $17M.

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