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Remember the Virgin Mary in the grilled cheese? Or Mother Teresa in a cinnamon bun? And wasn’t there a Cheeto that looked like Abraham Lincoln? Or was that a McNugget? Anyway, humans see faces everywhere. It’s a phenomenon called pareidolia: interpreting a random stimulus as being more significant than it really is.

Food visions aside, architecture is rife with face-like imagery. The abundant shapes and symmetry can easily form what looks like two eyes, a mouth and sometimes a nose.
The funny thing is, once you notice these faces, it’s impossible to ever look at a house the same way again. Just look at the smirk on this window’s face. Shameful!
Nooooo! Come back! You’ve left me naked and stone cold out here!
Hey, you, somebody, anybody. I’d kill for a glass of that scotch over there.
Come in, dear. Don’t you look ravishing. Let my Bette Davis eyes watch over you while you do your toilette.
Did you say you’re here to reclaim my reclaimed barn wood?
What’s happening over there? No, not another turkey, please. It’s too big. Help!

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