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[Original image via Curbed Flickr Pool/Vivienne Gucwa]

Following the example set by our sister-site, Curbed LA, we too are dissecting the Higley 1000, a list that uses information from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 2006-2010 to rank the nation’s most affluent neighborhoods according to their mean household income. In their coverage of the list, Atlantic Cities notes that denser urban areas are subject to more variance than the suburbs, whose large-lot exclusionary zoning keeps them the territory of the uber-wealthy. So only somewhat surprisingly, NYC environs far outshone city neighborhoods to take the list’s top spots. Coming in at the most affluent neighborhood in the nation on the Higley 1000? Greenwich, Connecticut’s “Golden Triangle,” where a mean household income is $614,242 annually. The first New York City ‘hood to appear on the list ranks 90th. Think you can guess what it is?:

10) Upper East Side: ($278,040)

9) Cobble Hill: ($281,303)

8) Beekman Place: ($283,316)

7) Forest Hills: ($288,699)

6) Dumbo: ($295,153)

5) Tribeca: ($332,138)

4) Carnegie Hill: ($333,067)

3) Flatiron District: ($347,688)

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