Greenwood Nursery Ideas for October | Cross River Real Estate

What to do in the yard this month:
  • Frustrated with leaves falling in your yard? Get the mower out and mow them down. It will chop the leaves up into mulch which can be used around plants or tilled into the ground (if not too thick).
  • Bring in houseplants and tropical plants when the temperatures begin to drop into the 40’s.
  • Plant bare root trees and shrubs. Fall planting requires less waterings and is less stressful on the plants (zones 5 to 10).
  • Time to attack the broadleaf weeds in your yard.
  • Decorate with pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks and hay bales for fun, festive entrances.
  • Remove damaged/broken branches from trees and shrubs.
  • Pull out annuals that are dead or already dying.
  • Plant containers with small sized evergreens, ground covers, ornamental grasses, and colorful perennials to go through the fall and winter seasons.



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