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Green runs the gamut from cooler, blue-tinged jade greens to warmer, citrusy yellow-greens. Cooler greens tend to make us feel relaxed and soothed — conducive to getting a good night’s sleep. Warmer greens, especially the bolder hues, can help us wake up and feel more energized. So whether you’re looking for a bedroom color that is de-stressing and calming, or you want some assistance bounding out of bed in the morning, you can look to green for help.
I’ve gathered an assortment of my favorite green paint colors for bedrooms along with eight beautiful bedrooms on Houzz that wear the hue well.

Green paint picks for bedrooms (clockwise from top left):
1. Glacial Green 21-32, Pratt & Lambert 2. Soft Green 066-2, Mythic Paint 3. Timid Absinthe 6003-5B, Valspar 4. Celery Ice 410E-2, Behr 5. Pear Green 2028-40, Benjamin Moore 6. Green Jeans KM3335-3, Kelly-Moore 7. Eco Green SW6739, Sherwin-Williams 8. Arsenic No. 214, Farrow & Ball
I find this fetching green bedroom appealing for the mix of bold and soft color as well as the charming furniture and accessories. The green walls really help the wood beams stand out, but the remainder of the palette remains light and soothing. It’s a relaxed, airy room that I think would appeal to many — perfect for a guest room.
Instead of painting the four bedroom walls green and leaving the ceiling white, mix it up a bit and paint the ceiling and one wall or part of one wall your chosen green hue. Be sure to pick up the color elsewhere in the room. Even small accents of it will add visual rhythm, causing the eye to move throughout the space and the viewer to appreciate all of the lovely details.
Here’s another example of a green ceiling paired with light-colored walls. While the previous example had a minimal palette of just green and white, this bedroom has many different shades of yellow-green mixed with whites and wood tones. It’s colorful but feels soft and harmonious.
This is a more dramatic green that offers a modern, fun and youthful vibe. This assertive shade stands up well to darker, cooler wood tones.

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