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Key West’s Jeptha Vinning Harris School was “built as one of the first schools in Florida” in 1905. It was dedicated in 1909, and served as Key West’s elementary school until the last class graduated in 1986 (it also served as a high school until 1915, when another school was built). Then it was “used as the district’s alternative school site and as an office for various social service and government offices”, although in reality it was mostly abandoned. A developer bought it from the school board in 2009 for $4.25 million, and apparently did little with it, and now the old school, which, although the listing photos don’t include any interiors, appears hardly changed over the years, is back on the market for$12.5 million. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, both floors have original 14 foot ceilings, lots of wood, and grand staircases.


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