Bedford Town Board Opts Not To Object To Proposed Katonah Group Home | Katonah Homes

Following a legal opinion from Bedford’s counsel, the Town Board approved countersigning an agreement of assurances from the provider of a proposed Katonah group home instead of making an objection to it.

The unanimous vote on Monday, Sept. 29, came following a review from Town Attorney Joel Sachs of state case law and correspondences from provider Cardinal McCloskey Community Services giving assurances for its plan. A letter from CMCS, dated Sept. 29, includes a signature from Chief Operating Officer William Ursillo and space for a town signatory.

Sachs explained that if the supervisor were to countersign, then the letter would be a legally binding agreement. The board’s approval was for Supervisor Chris Burdick to give his signature.

Ursillo, in his letter, mentions that the assurances are applicable if there is no objection filed and if there is no litigation that would seek to stop or delay the facility’s opening or closing on the property. Sachs also noted that the assurances would not be binding if there is an objection.



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