Alejandro Sanz Taking His 15 Grammys, Selling His Historic N. Bay Road Hacienda For $15M | Cross River Homes


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Many grammy winning Latin singer Alejandro Sanz is selling his guitar-filled mediterranean revival villa built in 1933 on the shores of Sunset Lake, the body of water formed by the sheltering embrace of the four Sunset Islands. The house, which we’re curious to identify the original architect of (could it be DeGarmo, Pancoast, Fatio?), was renovated by “legendary designer” Wallace Tutt, of Thomas Kramer’s ‘haunted’ house fame. A search of property appraiser’s records for the architect proved fruitless. So did the Miami Beach historic property database. Just from the look of it, however, the house could be a Russell Pancoast or even an August Geiger. It’s sleuthing time.



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