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Is Google+ working for your business?

Are you wondering how to increase engagement with your Google+ community?

Google+ is designed to focus on one thing and one thing only: engagement.

So, how can you pump up your Google+ engagement?

In this post, you’ll discover six ways to use Google+ posts to stimulate activity.

#1: Make Your Text Stand Out

You’ll first want to help your content stand out by differentiating the formatting. Instead of publishing a boring block of text, add a little formatting variety to your next Google+ post.

Unlike Facebook, it’s generally acceptable to have longer posts on Google+. If you publish a long post, remember that dense text can be a turnoff for readers. Use appropriate line spacing and paragraph breaks to make it easy for readers to scan your content.

Use bold, italic and strike-through text to highlight important headings or passages and your post will stand out in the stream.

Here are some handy tips for text formatting in Google+.

Google+ lets you format text in your posts.

#2: Choose Pictures That Pop

Don’t underestimate the importance of images. Stimulating graphics directly impact the click through rates on your posts.

When you post an image, choose one that has vibrant pictures with bright, eye-catching color contrasts as seen in this Etsy image.

Example of a visually engaging image on an Etsy Google+ post.

Instead of using the thumbnail images that auto-generate when you drop a link into your status update, upload a standard-size image to grab your readers’ attention.

National Geographic used this tactic to command more attention in the news feed.

Example of a full-size image on a National Geographic Google+ post.

And if you have great photography, use HUGE high-resolution images, which are much larger than standard-size images. Upload the original image resolution of your photo (e.g., 4288 x 2848), but remember that uploads count against your Google Drive storage quota.

Take advantage of this feature and your post will dominate the news feed like Mercedes-Benz does.






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