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How to Package your Knowledge to Sell on Your Blog

Do you have decades of experience and expertise that is worth something to a  knowledge hungry world? Is it locked up in your grey matter? Not structured or  packaged?

Today most of us are knowledge workers. It might be in finance, marketing,  technology or public relations. Have industry knowledge that is highly  valued? Businesses buy expertise and knowledge workers to add value to  their businesses.

Maybe its time to sit down, outline and unlock that knowledge for your  benefit. You may even have a part time hobby and passion that could be bundled  up into an online course or ebook to be monetized.

Blogs and the ability to self publish is opening up opportunities for “you” to be paid for your knowledge and creativity.

The rise of the online creative

The freedom to publish that blogging provides, is powering a new revolution  of knowledge sharing, expression and creativity that is unprecedented.

Closet cooks are both demonstrating and displaying their culinary skills via  video, recipes and teasing photos on foodie blogs.

Photographers are taking us on their local and world journeys. They are  revealing corners of the globe that are exposing hidden cultures, geography and  private lives for us to glimpse at like voyeurs. They are published to blogs,  Facebook and Twitter.

Even teenagers create fashion that surprise us and is uploaded to YouTube and  shared to a global audience.

Have a passion and some expertise and add a dose of technology and publish  online.  You can build an audience of thousands.

But there’s a problem

I was recently viewing a TED talk by Jared Diamond and he posed a question to  aproblem that is worth answering.

How should we use our old people?

This question was framed in a way that starts the journey in how we can come  up with solutions to help societies grow old better. This dilemma has  been created because modern society values youth and beauty over wisdom, age and  experience. This has in part been created by the rise of technology as wisdom  and knowledge in the past lay within the minds of the elders of the tribe


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