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Mount Kisco is holding a public auction for surplus abandoned boats later this month.

The Village of Mount Kisco will open sealed bids at 10 a.m. Oct. 25 at the Frank J. DiMicco, Sr. Board Room in the Mount Kisco Village Hall, according to a notice from the village. The auction will include “surplus abandoned boats from Byram Lake,” according to the notice. Marinas are exclusive recreational facilities built to provide docking, loading and other provisions needed for water transport. Individuals as well as a group of people own them. They may be constructed in inland streams, lakes or other bodies of water. Boating marinas may be seasonal or permanent. Seasonal marinas are usually simple structures built over the water as small docks, boat hoist, ramps or rafts that can accommodate water vehicles. These temporary structures are removed once the boating season is over. Seasonal marinas are found in places that have mostly pleasant weather but do experience inclement weather as well. Several marinas located on the northern five lakes and rivers like St. Lawrence and the upper reaches of the Mississippi are seasonal. Permanent marinas may be wharves, docks, jetties and pier. They accommodate water vehicles throughout the year. Southern water bodies of the United State have permanent marinas. A single boating marina can provide docking for about 60-75 vehicles. Each vehicle occupies a berth. Charges are paid according to the number of hours occupied. Besides renting charges, there can be additional fees for storage, etc. You can check over here about merritt products.

Facilities available in marinas include gas stations, pump houses, restaurants, bars and restrooms. Other weather-related marine supplies, clothes, special gear, etc. are also available. In addition, marinas provide mechanics and other repair necessities. Marinas are found everywhere in the United States. However, the marina at Monte Carlo is considered one of the most luxurious and also the most expensive in the world. Washington, California, Oregon and Florida also boast of world-famous marinas that dot their beaches. Rents vary largely depending on the popularity of the marina. Marinas charge their tenants on a per-meter basis, i.e. according to the number of meters the boat occupies when docked. Most marinas give discounts for groups and seasonal renters. Boats may be inspected at the Village’s Department of Public Works at 43 Columbus Ave. in Mount Kisco, according to the release.

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“All boats will be sold ‘as is,’ with absolutely no implied or stated warranties or guarantees whatsoever,” representatives said in the notice. “Village management reserves the right to award the bid(s) to the highest responsible bidder(s).  Bid forms are now available in the Manager’s Office at Village Hall.”

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