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Asking home prices are losing steam as mortgage rates rise, inventories expand, and investor demand declines. Nationally, asking prices dropped 0.3 percent in July – the first month-over-month (M-o-M) decline since November 2012. Seasonally adjusted, prices rose 3.3 percent quarter-over-quarter (Q-o-Q), down from a peak of 4.2 percent in April. Year-over-year (Y-o-Y), prices are up 11 percent nationally, according to Trulia’s July market report.

In 64 out of 100 U.S. metros, the quarterly asking home price gain was lower than in the previous quarter. This slowdown was most apparent in the West Coast where prices have rebounded strongly already. Among housing markets where asking prices rose sharply Y-o-Y, price gains dipped the most Q-o-Q in Las Vegas, Oakland, and San Francisco. Other California metros, including Sacramento, Ventura County, San Jose, and Fresno, saw Q-o-Q gains drop by at least two percentage points between April and July. Meanwhile, many metros in the South and Midwest are seeing price gains accelerate, such as Atlanta (3.2 percentage points higher in July versus April) and Detroit (3.7 percentage points).

Hot Housing Markets Where Prices are Slowing Most
#U.S. MetroY-o-Y % change, July 2013Q-o-Q % change, July 2013Q-o-Q % change, April 2013Price slowdown = Difference in Q-o-Q % change, July minus April
1Las Vegas, NV32.9%7.5%12.7%-5.2%
2Oakland, CA31.0%7.2%10.8%-3.6%
3San Francisco, CA17.2%3.0%6.5%-3.5%
4Sacramento, CA33.7%6.8%10.2%-3.3%
5Portland, OR-WA18.1%3.6%6.9%-3.3%
6Ventura County, CA18.6%5.3%8.2%-2.9%
7Grand Rapids, MI18.2%5.1%7.6%-2.6%
8San Jose, CA20.9%4.5%6.9%-2.4%
9Fresno, CA19.9%5.2%7.4%-2.2%
10Salt Lake City, UT17.4%3.3%4.6%-1.3%
11Bakersfield, CA24.2%5.4%6.6%-1.2%
12Orange County, CA23.3%5.9%7.0%-1.1%
13Los Angeles, CA20.9%5.6%6.7%-1.1%
Table shows metros with the biggest decline in Q-o-Q   asking prices between April and July, among metros with large Y-o-Y   increases. The final column equals the difference between the third and   second data columns, but the numbers might not appear to add up due to   rounding.

Asking Home Prices Outpace Rents in All Major Rental Markets

Rents rose 3.9 percent year-over-year nationally, which was a big increase compared with inflation or income growth, but small compared with asking home price gains. Even as asking home prices slow down, July was the first time that prices outpaced rents in the 25 largest rental markets since Trulia started tracking rent trends in March 2011



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