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In the ongoing war for online real estate domination, the combatants lob (metaphorical) grenades at each other quite frequently.

Most recently, Move (MOVE), which operates for the National Association of Realtors, and Zillow (Z) have been involved in what looks to be a particularly nasty legal battle over the hiring of Errol Samuelson.

Samuelson is currently the chief industry development officer for Zillow. He was hired away from Move and in early March. Later in March, Move and NAR sued Zillow for breach of contract, alleging that Samuelson stole trade secrets and intellectual property from Move and brought it with him to Zillow.

In early July, Move and NAR won the opening battle in the suit, when Washington State Superior Court Judge Barbara Linde issued a preliminary injunction in the case, finding that Samuelson misappropriated trade secret information by acquiring it using improper means, and by copying it without authorization.


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