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Earlier today, HousingWire posted some coverage of the alleged circumstances around the pending resignation of New York Times columnist Paul Krugman from his professorship at Princeton University.

The main reason for Krugman’s decision?

The Forbes coverage points to Krugman being “thoroughly indicted and publicly eviscerated for intellectual dishonesty by Harvard’s Niall Ferguson in a hard-hitting three-part series in the Huffington Post, beginning here, and with a coda in Project Syndicate, all summarized at”

Soon after posting, I received an email from a popular economics blogger, who took me to task for publishing the article in the first place.

“Ferguson has become a laughing stock among analysts (remember his declaration that public employment was soaring under Obama – ignoring the temporary Census hiring! ROFLOL),” they wrote.

“Ferguson has been wrong about everything from inflation to employment … one good historical book doesn’t make him an expert on everything,” they added.


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