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Patrick WiscombeIf you are someone who reads this blog frequently, I bet you don’t need to be convinced about the value of email marketing.

However, every so often, I come across a person who is not currently doing email marketing due to a lack of time or simply not understanding the power of effective email marketing.

I’m proud to say that as of last week, I’ve changed at least one person’s mind about email marketing. Listen to this clip from Patrick Wiscombe (pictured top right).

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If you can’t hear it for some reason, this is what Patrick said:

You’ve single-handedly, DJ, changed my mind about email marketing today.

If you are interested in listening to the entire 26-minute Podcast (or just part of it), go to SHIFT Marketing 12: ‘Like’ing Email. During this podcast, we chat about:

  • Social email sharing
  • Bad email marketing practices
  • Convince and convert email marketing
  • Sharing email on Twitter and Facebook
  • Engage vs. engaging content
  • People live in their email
  • Is email still relevant?
  • Email is a mature platform
  • Email is digital glue
  • How Blue Sky Factory email marketing services can help you
  • You need to own your own email list

So, after listening to this podcast, did I change YOUR mind about email marketing?

DJ Waldow
Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory

Blue Sky Factory 16 Tips Social Sharing eBook

At Blue Sky Factory, we strongly believe that, if used properly, email marketing and social media go together like Batman & Robin. If effectively implemented, email marketing can power social media and social media can power email marketing.

Good news! We have an eBook that provides 16 tips to use email and social together.

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