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These three resources always come in the form of a video, podcast, and bonus resource. Here’s this month’s edition of “Watch, Listen, Learn.”

Watch – Peter Pitts Speaks at Social Media for Pharma

This three-part video series also features Julie Zawisza, Director of Communications, CDER and Paul Buckman, FDA’s new “Dean of Digital,” discussing their views on social media. Check out the videos at

Listen – Brought to you by BBC Radio, this podcast focuses on how Britain’s pharmaceutical companies “have invested hundreds of millions of pounds in a search for new drugs and treatments which has not delivered the breakthroughs that were promised when the money was spent.” Peter Day talks to GlaxoSmithKline CEO Andrew Witty “about the ways he is changing the company’s quest for drug discovery and discusses the way ahead for big pharma.” Check it out at

Learn – Social media trends in Pharma for 2011

It’s always interesting to see what industry pundits are predicting for the coming year. Steven Shie, writer for the blog Digital Without Border, recently wrote a blog post full of predictions about social media trends for pharma in 2011. Some of the predictions seem predictable (Shie stresses the importance of mobile technology moving forward) and others are quite brazen (he also believes that physicians will become “a leading force to drive the social/digital movement). Read more about what Shie has to say and voice your opinion on the matter at

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