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Recent news of oil spills, climate change, and drinking water shortages reminds us of the great environmental challenges that our children will face as adults. Teatown’s teachers are shaping the next generation to meet these challenges with both knowledge and optimism.

We reach nearly 10,000 children each year with our placed-based programs and with our staff’s model enthusiasm to build a sustainable, healthy world.

Teatown’s environmental education programs bring our children into direct contact with nature. This kind of in-your-face experience is not  provided in school classrooms, by watching television, or surfing the Internet. Immersed in the relative wildness of Teatown, all of the children’s senses are awakened as they explore and discover the natural world.

We make sure that our students not only learn the traditional skill of recognizing local plants and animals, but they see first hand the connections between and among species, the web of life. Most important, however, is that our students fully realize that they are an essential part of nature and that their behavior and choices matter. Their actions affect the health and well-being of the Earth’s ecological system, on which both people and all species depend. We aim for every student at Teatown to truly believe that  their generation can build a sustainable, healthy world.

The key to our education success is both our nature preserve and our extraordinarily enthusiastic and positive-minded Teatown faculty. Their academic qualifications include two doctorates, three master’s degrees and two baccalaureates. Our educators are building the future by keeping hope alive through our students’ optimism and informed empowerment to change the world.

Please know that our education programs are only possible because their costs are subsidized largely by your membership fees and donations. We know we are changing the future for the better. Together we are making a difference, one student at a time!


The Teatown Team

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