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A question I ask our representatives on a weekly basis is, “Who is your favorite client?” Surprisingly, the answer changes almost every week. There are many characteristics that make up an ideal client, and I’m going to explain why you should strive to be like these ideal clients. Obviously, I have selfish reasoning behind this in case we ever do end up working with you, but even if I never meet you, these tactics will help you get ahead in business – and in life.

Our favorite clients frequently have four major characteristics in common:

  1. Expertise
  2. Passion
  3. Rational thinking
  4. Friendliness


At Digital Talent Agents, we work to help experts improve their credibility and authority online by getting them published in reputable online publications. Simply stated, it’s easier to get legitimate experts published. Our favorite clients are people who hone their craft, frequently educate themselves on the newest trends in their industry, and have an intellectual curiosity to constantly learn more. You can learn something from them. Make a conscious effort to become a true expert in your field, and opportunities will start creeping out of the woodwork.


The worst feeling in the world is when a client submits answers to their questions, and you can tell they could care less about what they’re writing about. Our favorite clients write about their coaching businesses as if they were saving the world! They have such an extreme passion for their profession that it exudes from them in everything they do (and write). Find something that you love about your career and reignite your passion. It will not only make you enjoy each day more, but it will enable others to enjoy your company.

Rational Thinking

I was raised to believe that humans are rational individuals. As I’m sure everyone can attest to, not everyone you deal with throughout the day is all that rational. Our favorite clients are rightly upset when something doesn’t meet their standards, but they also understand when something is beyond our control. Being rational can take effort at times, but it results in a less-stressed, more effective workday.


By far, the characteristic that most of our “favorite clients” have in common is friendliness. That extra smiley face at the end of an email can make a huge difference in someone’s day (don’t go overboard, of course – that’s just fake). I can see our agents’ faces beaming when they read a nice note from a client. We try to repay the friendliness by sending them notes when people write nice comments on their articles, and encouraging them when they’re a few days behind on deadlines.  The next time you want to answer an email with “OK,” think about adding four words, like “Have a great day.” As cheesy as it sounds, I promise you people will appreciate it.

These characteristics may seem obvious: be nice to people, care about your craft, and know your stuff. But taking each of these one step further will truly make people love working with you. It pays to have people enjoy working with you.  I know our reps wouldn’t admit it, but I think their favorite clients may get their articles sent out first.

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Kelsey Meyer is the Senior Vice President of Digital Talent Agents. DTA helps authors, entrepreneurs, consultants and experts improve their credibility and authority online by getting them published in reputable online publications. 

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