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These days, curating content is the name of the game – especially as you plan your 2013 social media strategy. As a real estate agent, broker or marketing professional you need to be on the lookout for some of the best content that you can share to increase engagement. Here are 7 of my favorite sources for great content.

1. Apps, apps and more apps. There are tons of fantastic apps out there for content and news but my favorites include: Zite, Flipboard, Google Currents and Pulse News. Most of these channels won’t let you post directly to a Facebook business page from the app, so you can send interesting articles to Evernote or InstaPaper and then post or schedule them as needed later.

2. Google alerts. Set up searches of neighborhood and community news to go right to your inbox once a day or more. This is one of my favorite sources of content because it comes right to my email. You can even filter to receive just video or blog content depending on what you are looking for.

3. AllTop. Former Apple chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki set up AllTop a few years back. This site has different channels with links to some of the best content on the web. Search for “real estate” or “home improvement” and you will see a wealth of content.

4. Quora. The Quora forum is a great site to see what interesting conversations are happening and get questions answered by the community. Often times, this can be an interesting and unique source of content.

5. Flickr and Instagram. Photos are all the rage and are some of the best type of content to post onto social networks. Search both sites for photos relevant to your city and/or community. You will be amazed at some of the incredible images found. Make sure when posting to Facebook you credit the source of these images. Also, Flickr has set up copywrite blocks, so if you try to Pin a copywrited photo, it won’t let you do it!

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6. Google News. Google News is a great way to source content from thousands of news outlets. All sources on Google News are manually vetted by Google, so you are ensured to receive content from a reputable source.

7. Sulia. With 10M users under its belt this year, Sulia is a new subject-based social network. For curating content, it’s a fantastic source – check out the real estate channel.

I know there are many more great sources to curate content. Which ones are your favorite? Leave me a comment below!



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