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Unique real estate video content is king

Corner your market, win clients

Whether you’re new to using video in your business or a seasoned pro, one of the greatest challenges you face is how to create compelling content that will attract viewers. The secret to creating compelling content is to have fun, be unique, and to provide something of value to your viewers.

You can shoot the perfect video, but if your content is boring, no one will watch. On the other hand, if you have fun by shooting a video that stands out from the crowd, your video will be shared repeatedly.

Here are six ways to create video content that can supercharge your real estate business.

1. Create compelling listing videos
Creating a video where you walk through a house and say, “This is the living room and this is the kitchen,” is boring. Don’t waste your time. What engages people is a personal story about the house or the family who lived there.

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