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DEAR BENNY: I have about $40,000 left on my 15-year fixed mortgage at 4 percent interest. I owe about $13,000 on a home equity line that is 2.99 percent variable rate. I have a $100,000 equity line open. I have no other debt. I am considering paying off my remaining mortgage with the lower-interest home equity line. Do you think that is a good idea since I am giving up a fixed rate for a variable rate? I would pay both off in about three years. Also, if I close out my mortgage, can I still declare the interest on my taxes from the home equity line? –Wade

DEAR WADE: In general, I am always reluctant to advise readers to switch from a fixed interest rate to a variable one. I am old enough to remember when mortgage interest rates soared to 18 percent.

However, this is a personal decision for everyone, depending on your own financial situation. In Wade’s case, he will be paying off $40,000 at a current low rate, and because he has a home equity loan (called HELOC) of $100,000, if push comes to shove he will still have borrowing capability should he need cash to make the required mortgage payment on the new loan.

Wade, if you have other cash — just in case — then I think it makes sense for you to use your home equity loan to pay off your existing mortgage loan.

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