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For Jeremy Tubbs and Daniela Goldman, taking ownership of Millwood Animal Hospital has been a chance to make sweeping changes.

The two purchased the practice, founded in the early 1970s, from retiring Dr. Robert Mavian, who stepped down on June 21. Just eight days later, on June 29, they were up and running.

Since then, Tubbs and Goldman, South Salem residents, have been on a roll for rolling out new services, including digitization of patients’ records – previously on paper – adding digital x-ray service, lodging for up to 20 pets, and new anesthetic and blood test machines. They have also expanded the practice’s hours.

The result has led to a modern facility and quicker turnaround for service. For example, digital records can now be quickly shared with patients and referral practices. Blood samples can be finished in just minutes. Patients can also receive upgrades by email or text message. Overall, a meeting, sample and diagnosis can be done, “all within a matter of a 30-minute appointment,” said Tubbs.

The introduction of bordering will allow Goldman and Tubbs to watch the pets carefully.

“We’ll be able to pay, you know, more close attention to them,” said Tubbs.

Since opening, Tubbs and Goldman have managed to retain clients that came when Mavian ran the practice, and have even added new ones. They have also expanded the practice by adding a third supporting employee, up from two.

Virginia Leary, a receptionist who has worked at the hospital for 11 years, said there are, “Many, many changes, so many improvements, new equipment, and we’ll have two doctors.”

Latch Tiwari, a technician who just started weeks ago, said it is “pretty exciting” and a “learning experience.”

The new owners, who first met while attending vetererinary school at Ross University St. Kitts, are making their first go around with entrepreneurship. Prior to this, Tubbs, who is originally from Texas, practiced at Scarsdale’s Central Animal Hospital. Goldman, who grew up in New York City and eastern Long Island, previously practiced at Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital, located in Rye. They first heard about the buying opportunity from fellow vets, according to Tubbs.

Running a practice has not been without its challenges.

“My biggest concern is we have a 17-month-old son,” Tubbs said, referring to their child, Eli. Balancing work and spending time with him was a challenge, although the couple alternates their schedule, switching days off to be at home.

Another has involved understanding the management and regulations behind running a businesses, although they have managed to get through it.

“We’ve been really fortunate with that,” Tubbs said.

While outside help has been sought with setting up aspects of the business, some of the changes have do-it-yourself efforts. For example, Tubbs can be seen taking care of new plants installed outside, and painting the hallway. He is, said Goldman, “an all around fix it kind of guy.”

The two were surrounded by animals growing up. Tubbs lived on a farm near Dallas, while Goldman had several pets and rode horses. Even now, there are more pets in their house than people. They have two dogs, a boxer named Solo and a Rottweiler-Lab mix named Jasper. They also have two cats, Herman and Teddy.

“It’s a lot but they’re all easy,” said Goldman.

Their pets have also been patients. For example, Solo was recently treated for a malignant growth one his leg, and could be seen wearing a protective collar to prevent him to reopening an incision.

Going forward, according to Tubbs, future changes could include a cosmetic redesign of the building exterior, which was constructed in 1973. There are also plans to roll over a website, and put out a more visible sign.

Millwood Animal Hospital is located on 231 Saw Mill River Rd. (Route 100), near Rocky’s Deli. Its phone number is 914-941-1801. Its hours are 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. from Mondays through Fridays – except a 6:30 p.m. closing on Wednesdays – and from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturdays.

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