North Salem NY Homes | Letter to the Editor: Lisa Douglas Sounds off on Spending – Bedford-Katonah, NY Patch

Way back in 2010, Rob Astorino vetoed the spending plan of the Super Majority. Their accounting gimmicks were seen for what they were, gimmicks. Astorino sent a letter to the Legislators stating that ‘Never in the history of our County has a C.E. or B.O.L. used any funds, surplus or reserve from the current ongoing fiscal year in an attempt to cover the cost of additional spending in budget being adopted for the very next budget year.

Harckham and crew added $32.5 MILLION in spending back into the budget. To cover their expenses they raised our reserves and misrepresented their accounting by increasing the sales tax projection by $2.3 MILLION; added back $2.6 MILLION in nonexistent federal aid; took $5 MILLION from the general fund balance; they deleted $10 MILLION in funds that were set aside to pay for unsettled union contracts; and now they are ‘befuddled’? The Super Majority was warned about using our reserve funds as their private piggy bank to trick the voters.

The rooster has come home to roost. Time to vote them out!

Lisa Douglas
Candidate for Westchester County Board of Legislators
North Salem

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